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    Pure Hearts Funeral Catering was started with the promise to bring high quality, top-notch funeral catering at reasonable prices and affordable way by offering funeral catering services plans. For the last five years, Pure Hearts Holdings (Pty) Ltd T/A Pure Hearts Funeral Catering has strived to serve only the highest quality cuisine that both you and your guests will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

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    We provide affordable funeral catering packages which are can cover up to nine additional family members. Funeral catering is stressful. Hence we take the stress out of funeral catering by providing enough groceries, fresh vegetables and food prepared to fulfil your last needs. Our priority is to make your guests and family members satisfied and take care of the catering service while you focus on the proceedings of the funeral service



    We supply equipment for hire which can be used for funerals & different events such as weddings and corporate events. These generally include: tents & marquees, chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery, catering equipment, food warmers, mobile freezers, mobile kitchens etc. We understand that funerals and events can work out to be expensive. Our equipment hire service is made available to you money by hiring instead of buying.

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      We believe that a funeral is more than just food, but an opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care for them and pay tribute to their life.